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New York, NY


Mission Statement



 The fundamental mission of Steadfast Protection Security Services is to protect the life and property of the clients we serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within our industry and to take advantage of those scientific advancements which will help us succeed in that endeavor. We dedicate ourselves to providing unsurpassed, personalized, quality protection services. Whether your security concerns are residential or commercial ... large or small ... we provide customized solutions to suit your needs.

Steadfast Protection Security Services has committed its energies to a policy of teamwork, reciprocal understanding and growth in the long-term business relationships with our clients and employees alike.

We look forward to the future with great confidence of acquiring new clients and security partners and want to thank all of our current clients and Security Personnel for their support thus far.

In order to fulfill part of its mission, Steadfast Protection Security Services has State licensed & qualified personnel consistently keeping updated of developments in all aspects within the industry. With the latest technologies available we are empowered to adapt, and thus will advance our knowledge brining us closer to our goals. Additionally, we have implemented a policy of measured, steady growth, which will enable us to meet projected demand without ever degrading the quality of our service. Along the way we will evaluate, revise and recycle all plans as needed, while striving to be proactive in resolving any issues.

We endeavor to be the preferred Security Services company for all whom we serve and pledge to conduct our business with uncompromising honesty, wisdom, discretion and sound judgment. This commitment extends to clients, our clients guests, our officers, management & support staff … as well as the communities and the industries with which we conduct business.